I am an aries, which means I am spontaneous & always looking for an adventure - which is how Wallflower Rentals & Decor was started. I have a passion for designing beautiful events and making best friends.

When I’m not working, you can find me anywhere near the ocean or around a home-cooked meal, with my kiddo, husband & our pets!


As a wisconsin native, I have happily settled down in colorado, ALTHOUGh i’ll always be a GB packer’s fan!


I’ll be your on-site contact for most deliveries & am taking on custom builds for 2020!


Mckenzie Johnson marketing

I’ve been an ICU nurse for 5 years, but I grew up with a mom that can rival any Martha Stewart party, so decor and design are in my blood.

My husband and Matt and I are transplants from Ohio:go buckeyes!

Our two cats Stache and Lily made the trip out with us, and if you want to follow along with their journey, check out @sir_mustache_purrington .

I love a bold lip and a perfectly made lemon drop martini - what girl doesn’T?


I am a mama of two and married to my high school sweetheart. I have a passion for fashion and a love for Interior Design. I graduated in 2011 with a BA in interior design and love that I get to be apart of the Wallflower Team.

When I'm not working, you can find me at Target or at home with my family cuddled on the couch.


Meet Felicia Klein - Sales & design Manager



"We rented a lounge set for our cigar party. It was absolutely perfect. We were so comfortable we felt like we hanging out in our living room...or an interior designer's living room that is." — Elizabeth and Adam

"Jenni & Andrew were so helpful in making sure we had cozy lounges, creating an intimate vibe, for our farm wedding. We were able to show them inspiration, and they did the rest! It was one less thing to worry about in our wedding planning." — Mr. and Mrs. Shaw



Lionsgate Event Center — Featuring three unique event spaces, including our favorite, The Chandelier Barn, they have a perfect fit for any occasion.

The Lyons Farmette & River Bend — Boutique contemporary elegance and a peaceful, intimate, homey farm feel.